Online business card

We live in a digital age. A website is an important link between yourself and your target group. It is an online business card.

A website is therefore an important investment in the growth of your business.

At ICT-JOERI we create a visual representation of your company.
You will be completely unburdened. We manage domain, hosting, web design and maintenance.


A good website must be easy for the user to navigate, so that they are prompted to take action. That's why responsive design is so important. This means that it looks good on desktop, tablet and smartphone.

More than 50% of visitors to a website use tablets and smartphones.


Give away the work to us, or do some yourself.

If you don't want any worries, we will take care of everything. But do you like to roll up your sleeves? Then you can also log in yourself to, for example, place articles or manage your products.

The road to your website

In a first no-obligation conversation, we look for your wishes and expectations. Based on this, we will also make a cost estimate.


As a second step, we will work with your input to establish a rough structure.


Once we know the structure, we'll get to work. We take into account the agreed structure and any house style.


During the technical development of the website there are of course consultation moments. This way we stay on the course you have in mind.



Nowadays, modern websites are quite complex, they are built with a whole range of specialised software. Just like computers, these need to be updated regularly. This keeps your website functioning optimally.

It also remains safe by constantly countering the latest attacks.

All our websites have standard protection against DDOS attacks and are encrypted (HTTPS). We regularly make backups and perform anti-virus scans.

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